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Climate Change, Daniel Thonn, Berlin 2017


A cooperation with Greenpeace Magazine against climate change and global warming.

Climate Change, Jens Frank, Berlin 2017

Climate Change, Laura Belle I, Berlin 2017

Climate Change, Andreas Seyfarth, Berlin 2017

Dog Portraits II, Rosi, Berlin 2017


A cooperation with Dogs magazine

and the animal shelter Berlin to find new homes for dogs.

Alina Sueggeler II, Wandlitz 2016


The singer of German band “Frida Gold“ takes an airing.

Alina Sueggeler IV, Wandlitz 2016

Breathe Volume 1, Niclas Krueger I, Bremen 2017


The book Breathe / An idea about Fashion stands for the signature, unconventional style fostered at the University of the Arts Bremen. Over 100 images show the people wearing the outfits at a moment of exhalation and reveal them to be awake, lively and highly present. A brief, focussed moment – Breathe – show casts the possibilities of a fashion embracing fluidity as a working principle.


Published by Printkultur, Dorothea Mink and Andrea Rauschenbusch.

Breathe Volume 1, Ann-Cathrin Gleichmar, Bremen 2017

Breathe Volume 1, Ernst Wolf, Bremen 2017

Richert Beil campaign, Erdal Yildiz and Sofia Razuvaeva, Berlin 2017

Richert Beil campaign, Erdal Yildiz, Berlin 2017

Richert Beil campaign, Sofia Razuvaeva, Berlin 2017

Alex Libby III, Berlin 2016


A cooperation with fashion fair Premium Berlin.

Don't blame me for being cultivated, Berlin 2017


We are billions of people who all look, think and feel differently. Luckily we are all individuals.

A good reason to show that and to say it loud: Don’t blame me for being an individual! Go for being different!

Don't blame me for whatever, Berlin 2017

Don't blame me for being a supermodel, Berlin 2017

Don't blame me for being a gentle man, Berlin 2017

Richert Beil campaign, Ella, Berlin 2017

Richert Beil campaign, Ella, Berlin 2017

Thou shalt watch and listen I, Till Broenner, Tegernsee 2017


The outstanding jazz trumpeter for GQ magazine.

Someday you will miss me II, Tom S., Berlin 2010 / 2016


A series of images as a photographic confrontation with erotic or homoerotic innuendo in religious renaissance paintings.

Jim Reid, III, Berlin 2017


The singer of cult band The Jesus and Mary Chain in a portrait series for Spex magazine.

Jedertag I, Eva Padberg, Hamburg 2016


Jedertag, a film that was never filmed.

Showing all Sides XI, Selb 2015


100 Years Philip Rosenthal Anniversary.

Showing all sides. A series of photographs for the award winning book edition designed by Milch + Honig Designkultur to present the Rosenthal Porcelain anniversary collection.

Bianca Fleisch campaign, Agata Woźniak, Berlin 2015

Transparence in Motion I, Patrick Mohr, Berlin 2015


The German fashion designer for Neo2 magazine.

Change III, Manuel Zenker and Selle Coscun, Berlin 2016


Change! Fashion editorial for the official Berlin Fashionweek Magazine.

We walk and talk in time…

Change IV, Manuel Zenker and Selle Coscun, Berlin 2016

Richert Beil campaign, Based on a true story, Mia Schoof, Berlin 2016

Richert Beil campaign, Based on a true story, Lou and Mia Schoof, Berlin 2016

Weber+Weber Sartoria campaign, Matt G., Berlin 2015

Brushback II, Hamburg 2016


Prototypes for a non-retouched hair campaign.

Weber+Weber Sartoria campaign, Sascha Weingarten, Berlin 2015

Emerenz campaign, Wild Heritage, David White and Lino, Berlin 2015

Echte Schönheit I, Lena Gercke, Berlin 2014

Lala Berlin campaign, Midnight in Berlin, Berlin 2015

Photographs and the Wallpaper Years, Joachim Baldauf, Berlin 2013


The first monograph on my work. My favourite 300 editorial photographs collected in a book designed by Albert Handler and Christian Ram. Published by Distanz.

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