The German photographer Joachim Baldauf creates pictures of captivating clarity and subtle irony. They are more than just photographs or fashion shots, more than just youth culture or lifestyle. Due to Baldauf’s very personal approach, his pictures always present the human subject as an individual. Baldauf is the unchallenged number one among Germany’s fashion and portrait photographers and an influential leader in matters of style; his work has appeared in all renowned magazines. 

After studying textile design with a focus on photography and fashion illustration, Baldauf worked as a freelance art director for several years before devoting himself to photography full-time. He now also publishes the magazine Vorn and teaches. He has received numerous awards, including Cover of the Year, the Lead Award, the Art Directors Club Award, and the Distinctive Merit Award

This book is the first monograph on Joachim Baldauf’s work. The artist presents his best photographs and a selection of works for the London-based magazine Wallpaper*, whose look he helped define between 1999 and 2002. 

Includes a conversation between Tyler Brûlé, the founder and former editorial director of Wallpaper* and present editor-in-chief of Monocle, and Ariel Childs, the former photo editor at Wallpaper*, an essay by Tillmann Prüfer, an editor at Die Zeit and the style director at Zeit Magazin, and a preface by Uta Grosenick, publisher, Distanz Verlag.


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